? orner farms of rockton, pa - producers of vermicompost and resellers of compost tea equipment




RD 1, Box 88
Home Camp Road
Rockton, PA  15856
814-583-7741 (fax)

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About Us

Orner Farms is a family owned dairy farm in West Central Pennsylvania. We milk an average of 100 cows, raise feed, and pasture crops on 450 acres. We take pride and care in our farm and of our operations.

To ensure the legacy of the farm for future generations we decided to turn some of the by-products of our dairy operation into materials for improving soil quality. We first started to make a horticultural compost from our bedded pack manure. In 2000, we learned of the earthworm digester process, and invested in our first continuous flow-thru digester.
In 2003, we have more than doubled our production capacity by adding additional digesters. Today we have more than 1 million red worms producing vermicompost. The compost contains no weed seeds and maintains a stable temperature in the digester. It also provides a good nutritional source for the worms to live and maintain their population. The red worms do a dramatic job of digesting and turning the compost, but the most interesting fact is the biological composition of the final material. We call our harvested product -


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